Coach Becker

Professional Bacon Eater
I'm on a mission to help people become the strongest, leanest, healthiest, and happiest versions of themselves while I pursue those same goals for myself!

Hey, I'm Coach Becker


Ok, I don't want this to sound like too much of a "Hair Club for Men intro", but not only am I one of the founders of the Get Clear Mastermind, I am also a member.

I've been a fan of StoryBrand since the very first episode of the Building a Storybrand podcast. I don't recall how I even found it, but I've listened to every single episode from the beginning.

I have bought all of Don's books, I've been to the live workshop in Nashville, I signed up for BMSU on Day 1 and I've even hired a couple of StoryBrand guides to help me with my messaging, yet I still need help... that's where the idea to build this mastermind was born.

I look forward to being a part of this group and helping each other refine our messaging and marketing in order for our businesses to thrive!